Going the Distance Raises Over $12K

This spring, the U of A Bears and The Steadward Centre Bears swim teams went the distance, raising over $12K in funds to support the para-swim program at The Steadward Centre. The second annual Going the Distance swimming event brings the U of A Golden Bears Varsity and The Steadward Bears Para-swim team together to test their endurance and swim as far as they can in one hour. 

Head Coach, Nathan Kindrachuk is stoked about the fundraising and the athletic outcomes. 

"This year our athletes swam farther and raisied more funds. Over the past year we have facilitated athletes competing for the first time. In these competitions we fared incredibly well, with many swimmers participating in competitions. Two of our swimmers qualified and competed at the 2014 Winter CanAm Para-competition." 

18 swimmers competed, logging 112 Km at the Going the Distance Event, 27 KM more than last year. 

"We are so appreciative of the support from our program's friends, family and the swimming community. The Steadward Bears continue to grow in numbers and spirit. The Going the Distance event exemplifies this growth." 

The goal of this event is to support, raise awareness and promote the Steadward Bears Para-swim team. Funds raised will be used toward pool rental, instructor costs and to support growth and development of this unique program. 

To learn more about the Para-swim program, please contact Kirsti Van Dornick, 780-248-1981 or Nathan Kindrachuk, 780-717-6312. 

Check it out on Youtube (2014)!