The Steadward Centre for Personal & Physical Achievement actively supports inclusion and independence for children, youth and adults living with impairments. We do this through knowledge-sharing, research, education, and collaboration with local, national and international organizations. read more about us...

Community & Program Updates

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News Reel

  1. Going the Distance - U of A Swim Challenge

    February 17 2015

    Help us to make a big splash! Support the Steadward Bears para-swim program at the second annual Going the Distance - U of A Swim Challenge.

  2. 5th Annual Maraj-a-thon Friday November 28

    November 19 2014

    Sweaty head and wristbands. The distinct POP of hard black balls echoing as they careen off scuffed court walls. The squeak of court shoes as they shift direction on the fly. Fans cheering their favourite players on... Yes, it's the annual Maraj-a-thon! Dr. Brian Maraj and his motley crew of faculty and Steadward Centre "squash-bucklers" are ready to smash last year's total and raise funds for Free2BMe.

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